At checkout, your delivery costs will be computed.

It might take around 4-7 days for domestic delivery. International delivery will be done within 2-4 weeks.

Following the placement of an order on an online marketplace, the system verifies the customer’s delivery pin code and routes the order to the warehouse that is nearest to the customer’s location and has the item in stock.

When you pay the bill, the company will provide you with a receipt as confirmation of payment. An invoice is sent before a payment is made, and a receipt is issued following the payment.


A wish list enables customers to form customized collections of goods they wish to buy and preserve them in their user account for later use.

Before being dispatched, each of our items undergoes a rigorous quality check. It is possible, however, for a product to be damaged in transportation. You can return the eligible products via the Orders page if you received a broken, defective, or wrong item.

Contact our Customer Service department at 0420273099 or send an email to [email protected] to change or cancel your order. Please be prepared with your order reference number.

Each package is given a tracking number, also known as a tracking code, which enables you to follow its progress between countries or even inside a single one. Tracking numbers might be global or restricted to the sender’s own nation.