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Kogan Prepaid SIM Card

Want to buy a kogan sim card? Buy online from our website and connect with your loved ones living in Australia as well as outside the country. Activate your kogan mobile sim card now! Wondering why you should choose kogna mobile network? Take a look: Incredible Prices View the incredible pricing on our prepaid mobile plans, all of which include plenty of bandwidth and unlimited* standard calls and texts. (As Per Compnay Offer). Rapid setup It's simple to swap over! You can set up in a matter of minutes after you have a Kogan Mobile SIM Card. No Extra Charges Bill shock is a thing of the past thanks to us. There are no extra fees, payout fees, or unlocking expenses with Kogan Mobile. 4G Speeds With fast 4G speeds and good coverage, you can browse, stream, and share. Bring Your Own Device & Number Maintain your current cell phone number, or we can give you a new one. Note: Kogan Mobile SIM card expires within 365 days of SIM purchase if not activated.