What is Herons?

Herons online shopping is Australian fashion e-commerce proposing different brands to the internet users. It has grown a reputation for being the quick, hassle-free one-stop online shop to match all of your lifestyle and fashion needs. Herons online shopping Australia currently stands as the largest online shopping company in its country. Herons dedication and commitment to offering the most stress-free and convenient experience to customers have been widely recognized by their raving base of fans. What separates Herons from its competitors in the industry isn’t just the diverse range of products they offer, but the relentless commitment they have to make their customer experience as smooth and easy as possible. It is the offerings such as their seasoned catalogue, cash-on-delivery services and the 30-day return policy that make them good, not to mention the supportive dedicated Herons customer service team, who is ready to answer your queries 24/7.

Does Herons Ship Internationally?
Like we have mentioned above, Herons is well known for having one of the most diverse product ranges in their entire industry. Yet as for their delivery options? They aren’t so diverse. This means that if you are an international customer, you are going to come across some issues when you check out and get your Herons online shopping shipped to your doorstep.

How many days does Herons take to deliver after shipping?
Herons claim that they strive to deliver products that are in excellent condition in the quickest time possible. Herons claim that they can normally deliver a product within 15 days, but they can frequently get it delivered before then. For every purchase following that, it will cost AUD10, as long as your order is below AUD70. If the price exceeds that amount, the delivery will be completely free. The shipping policy of Herons therefore can be summed up in four words of “Shop more, save more”.
There are additional terms and conditions for Herons shipping too. For example, if your order is lost or isn’t delivered to your selected location, you will be refunded everything you paid, including all of the shipping charges which you paid. If the order is canceled, however, none of the delivery charges will be refunded. Just contact the Herons customer service team for more information.

Does Herons Ship to Qatar?
As stated above, unfortunately, Herons does not ship internationally. This means that if you are in Qatar, you are going to have to find another way to get your delivery package shipped to Your Front Door.

How do I contact Herons?

To launch a complaint to the Herons customer service team is easy. All you have to do is follow two simple steps. First of all, make sure to fully diagnose your issue. If your issue relates to any form of damage or defect in your purchase, make sure that you take pictures and gather evidence. If your complaint relates to a refund, then make sure to keep all receipts, text messages or emails and other records of contact with the Herons customer service team.
When it comes to reaching out to Herons, you have a number of options. First, you can call their customer service team, although you may have to endure a wait of up to 20 minutes before you hear back from a customer care executive. Alternatively, you can use the “Help Center” option from the Herons app to raise your issue. Take this chance to be clear about the kind of solution that you are expecting from Herons, whether this is a refund, exchange, replacement, or compensation. You may wish to add further details such as proof of damage and receipts or your registered Herons ID.