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Top 10 Brands for Sunglasses in Australia 2023

Are you looking for reliable Australian sunglasses brands? If you’re searching for a stylish pair for spring break or a durable pair of sunglasses that will last you for many summers, check out our list of the best alternatives available.

Which is a Good brand for sunglasses in Australia?

1. Quay

In the middle of an Australian festival circuit, Quay was started on the side of the road, and it was there that they began to make unique, stylish sunglasses at an attractive price. Today, Quay sunglasses continue to draw inspiration from the daring fashion of artists and festival-goers, creating colourful, distinctive eyewear.

With everything from aviators to cat-eyes, Quay, one of the top Australian sunglasses manufacturers, strives to provide well-made and reasonably-priced sunglasses. With so many different styles of women sunglasses available, there is something for everyone. Cheap kids’ sunglasses can be found here!

2. Local Supply

The eyeglass industry is evolving thanks to Local Supply. This plant-based, black-owned eyewear company makes iconic sunglasses for people of all sexes. Get the best kids’ sunglasses at an affordable range. They practice zero-waste production, provide a recycling program, and source environmentally acceptable materials, making them incredibly sustainable. Prices are also relatively reasonable considering how well-made and ecologically friendly they are.

3. Ozeano

The Bondi Beach-based company Ozeano offers a chic variety of high acetate sunglasses. The company creates each frame by hand in its studio in New South Wales, making it the only brand of sunglasses designed in Australia. Ozeano, one of the best sunglasses brands for women, is dedicated to sustainability; it is certified carbon neutral, uses plant-based materials to construct its frames, and contributes a portion of every transaction to collecting 12 kg of ocean garbage.

4. Cancer Council

A Sunglasses that look good on anyone are the speciality of the Australian company Cancer Council. Their stylish, reasonably priced glasses will add more sunshine to your summer. While you’re there, fill up on other summer essentials like sunscreen and hats they offer.

5. Le Specs

Le Specs is a well-known Australian sunglasses brand despite having a name that seems French. By the shores of Bondi Beach, the company was established in 1979. The hues range in price from budget-friendly to mid-range, making them ideal for a day excursion to the beach. The company offers a wide range of fashionable styles, and you may get acetate and Polarized lens frames. Watch for the Le Sustain collection, which is wholly manufactured of eco-friendly materials.

6. Bailey Nelson

In addition to many timeless designs, Bailey Nelson has a sizable range of unique frame colours and patterns. The company was founded in 2012 on Bondi Beach (yes, another one) and has since expanded to have a presence worldwide. Given that they were created in Sydney are handcrafted from premium Italian acetate, and are priced in the middle of the spectrum, they represent good value. When shopping, you may simply get a pair of optical glasses from the brand.

7. Quicksilver

One of the most well-known sunglasses brands in Australia, Quicksilver, also offers a good selection of sunglasses. As you might anticipate from a surf company, the line leans toward the sportier end of the sunglasses range. They offer a lot of polarized frames, which are excellent for use near the water. Although a few styles cost less than this, most of the sunglasses are priced around the $100 range.

8. Pacifico Optico

Pacifico Optical company started at Bondi Beach and draws its inspiration from the Pacific Ocean. The business was founded in 2011, and it manufactures hand-made sunglasses using acetate from Italy and Japan and premium coated lenses. Because of its unique spin on traditional D-frame sunglasses designs, it’s one of the top Australian sunglasses companies.Shop with peace of mind at, where customer satisfaction is their top priority.

9. Pared Eyewear

The name Pared Eyewear was inspired by the words “pare,” which means to reduce anything to its simplest form, as well as “pair,” which denotes not only a set of sunglasses but also the naming method the firm has established in which each pair is given a well-known coupling.

Assuring that you, the consumer, receive a high-quality pair of sunglass that can be fitted with prescription lenses should you require, the Victoria-based firm sources premium handcrafted acetate frames and mixes them with CR39 lenses imported directly from Japan. Models come in various colours and patterns to fit your taste, including thick acetate and slimline metal frames.

10. South Cali

No, there was a typo there. The year-round sunshine of the nation’s sunniest state inspired the Australian sunglasses company, South Cali. The brand creates reasonably priced plastic, metal, and even bamboo sunglasses. Despite the low cost, polarized lenses are still an option, which is an attractive bonus. The company also sells a limited selection of hats, face masks, and sunglasses.

FAQs for Australian Sunglasses Brands

How to identify sunglasses brands?

When trying to figure out what brand of sunglasses you have, start by checking for a logo or name printed on the frames, the frame's outer or inner arm may display the brand name.

Which brand's sunglasses does Phil Mickelson wear?

Using one of the sunglasses brands worn by Phil is a tiny Chinese firm that manufactures and distributes sunglasses in China and Taiwan. Additionally, they designed the Using Green Reader sunglasses, especially for golf, and Mickelson has benefited from wearing them. Furthermore, Callaway is Phil's sponsor, and they have their glasses.

What brand of sunglasses do celebrities wear?

Some celebrities, including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and many others, are famous for wearing fashionable tinted eyewear sunglasses. Some companies, like Ray-Ban and Quay Australia, are well known for the attention that celebrities give them.

Which brand sells the most sunglasses?

Quay is one of the most well-known Australian sunglasses companies.

What is the most popular style of sunglasses?

Here are some of the popular styles of sunglasses for 2022: Rectangular sunglasses for the edge. Dazzling neon sunglasses. Any occasion calls for white sunglasses. Metal frames are an ageless design staple. Sunglasses with a single lens and a shield.

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